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Integration Physical Therapy is Siouxland’s only Postural Restoration Certified Clinic.

Injuries in baseball and softball players typically occur in the shoulder, elbow, hip and low back.  Injury prevention and optimal performance depend on identifying the importance of the lower extremity, specifically the gluteal and lumbopelvic-hip complex strength to support  the proper orientation of the scapula for appropriate segmental sequencing of the upper extremity without compensation. It has been established through research that the lower extremity if the driving force for throwing.  Our rehabilitation treatment will assess the imbalances of the gluteals and scapular stabilizers, correct mechanics to correct compensations and retrain them in the proper timing and sequence for optimal performance.  

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Sarah Colfack

"I want you both to know how much I appreciate all you have done for me.  The changes that you have made for me functionally in my life are amazing!  The chronic pain that I have had for three years with my right side - shoudler, abdomen, groin - has been alleviated.  Not only that, I feel a peace and calm from all of the breathing in the exercises that I haven't experienced before - and you both have inspired me to learn more about this.  I am pursuing training in this area so that I can share these and other skilles with children that I work with in the schools! So thank you for EVERYTHING! You both are awesome and changing lives!

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