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Integration Physical Therapy is Siouxland’s only Postural Restoration Certified Clinic.

Most competitive athletes who deal with chronic pain/recurrent injury present with significant muscle imbalances left vs right and differences in the integrity of various joint positions.  This results from asymmetrical sports demands coupled with unmanaged right dominance leaving postural imbalances that create dysfunction through compression or torque from compensatory patterns.  Volleyball is a side dominate sport.  This feeds forward imbalances because of the repetitive and asymmetrical sport demands.  We will assess your muscle balance through your whole body and optimize your position, balance and performance specific to volleyball to get you back in the game better than ever.

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Kelsey Montange

I had an amazing experience working with Jane and her staff.  She educted me about my body and developed creative ways to help me throughout my busy lifestyle.  Jane also took the time to get to know me and was very welcoming at every appointment.  I feel great and am very thankful to have found such a great physical therapist!

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